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July 22, 2014

What’s it like to win?

This is probably the question I get asked the most.  The answer, in short,  is that it is GREAT!  I guess you figured that, though, so I will elaborate.
Last year was a really rough year for me.  I was a caregiver to ailing parents and going through a lot of trials and tribulations with it.  It was getting to the point where I was actually seeking out “caregiver counseling” to help with the depression I was feeling due to situations I had absolutely no control over.
After moving in with my parents, after I finished a ton of cleaning out work and setting up paperwork for them and just basically getting things situated, I got bored.  Mind you, while I was taking care of them I wasn’t bored.  I have insomnia and one way I’ve found to deal with it was to learn to get up early.  So from roughly 4:00 a.m. I was awake and raring to go, yet Mom & Dad slept late, REALLY late.  I decided I’d get back into sweepstaking then.
That was probably the best decision I’ve ever made.  It gave me something to do to take my mind off of all of the worry, concern and general depression that came with being a full time caregiver.  It also gave me things to look forward to and my Mom even enjoyed watching for the mailman to come every day.  It gave her a little excitement, too!
One day, I was out in the back yard getting some fresh air and I decided to check my emails on my phone.  In what seemed like flashing neon lettering, I read:  Big news from the Asahi Beer Eat, Drink and Be Lucky Getaway!
So, I stopped, took a deep breath and thought, it couldn’t be!  I had been entering a daily sweepstakes from Asahi Beer for awhile and every day when I’d click the link and their logo would come up, I’d think “Oh, I’d LOVE to win this one!”
 photo AsahiSweepstakesPRImage_2_zps9024484a.jpg

I opened the email and it said:
We’re happy to let you know you’re a winner in the Asahi Beer Eat, Drink and Be Lucky Getaway! You’ve won a trip for four (4) to Las Vegas, NV, which has an approximate retail value of $7,000. Congratulations!
Trip package includes round trip, coach-class air transportation for four (4) from a major airport near winner’s home (determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion) to Las Vegas, NV; two (2) nights’ accommodations at the Cosmopolitan (two rooms, double occupancy); ground transportation to and from airport and hotel; four (4) tickets to the LUCKYRICE Night Market October 5, 2013; and $1,500 spending money; and travel agent services. Winner must travel on October 4, 2013 and return on October 6, 2013 or prize will be forfeited
To confirm your win, please complete a Declaration of Compliance (“Declaration”). The people who will be traveling with you must complete the Travel Companion Liability & Publicity Release. Both forms are available online by clicking here.
Please fully complete the Declaration and return a signed original to the administrator of this promotion. You’ll find the mailing address on top of the Declaration. It must be received within calendar days of this email. If you do not return your Declaration within this timeframe, we will need to draw another winner.
If you are unable to open the Declaration, download Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website for free.
You will be contacted regarding the fulfillment of your trip within 2-3 weeks after promotion conclusion, once we have received and reviewed your complete Declaration.
Please note that if you choose to accept this prize, you will receive a 1099 form (required for all prizes with a value of $600 or more). You may wish to speak with a tax advisor for further information.
For a complete set of Rules for this promotion, please click here. Please refer to them for any questions you may have.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to reply to this email. Just be sure to keep the original subject line.
Congratulations again and thank you for your participation!
Needless to say, I almost passed out.  My husband and I had JUST been talking about the fact that our favorite band was going to be in Las Vegas the following month and what a shame, even though we have gone to every show they’ve ever done locally, there was no way we’d ever get to see their residency in Vegas.  My brain was spinning at that point, could it be true?  Were we going to be in Vegas the same time our favorite band was going to be in Vegas?
I immediately set forth to do what needed to be done and I bugged the HECK out of the poor travel arrangement guy to make sure I was doing everything I needed to.  He was awesome and so helpful, by the way.  When you win something like this you feel great to begin with, but seriously, the people involved in making these things happen deserve HUGE kudos!  They made me feel like royalty!
Now, you’ll note in the letter informing me of the win, when you win something valued that high, there are a few things you have to do.  One, you have to fill out a declaration or affidavit.  It’s basically a statement accepting the win and acknowledging the fact that you are aware that you are responsible for taxes and will accept a 1099 form.
KEEP THAT IN MIND!  Yes, you DO pay taxes on anything you win.  HOWEVER, you DO NOT pay anyone ANYTHING to accept a prize!  If you get a call or an email informing you that you’ve won something and you need to remit payment for taxes upfront TO THEM, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it’s a scam.  Another thing to watch for is if you get a win notification for something you never signed up to win, which is why it is VERY important to keep track of what you enter.
Anyway, the plans were all taken care of for us, every little detail and the day before it was time to leave, the sweepstakes planner called me to introduce herself and tell me how to get in touch with her if we needed anything.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to plan such a nice trip myself.  She and the fellow she worked with to make the arrangements were terrific about everything.  Here is a shot of us departing for the trip:
 photo 1383896_430077547096827_47378490_n_zps372808ef.jpg

Not only did we get to have an exciting weekend in Vegas, but the money they gave us to spend got us tickets to see our favorite band the first night there.  It was a really cool, landmark event for my husband, myself and my niece and her friend who accompanied us.
And let me explain something about Luckyrice.  It’s an event to celebrate Asian cuisine and luck, all rolled up in one beautifully orchestrated gathering.  Our sponsor had told me on the telephone that the wish for us was that we’d come to Luckyrice and then “get lucky” in Vegas.  We felt lucky just to be staying at the newest hotel in Vegas.  Oh my, it was gorgeous!  Here is a beautiful shot my hubby took of the hotel’s famous chandolier:
 photo 1380212_430071553764093_567110154_n_zpsa6157114.jpg

We don’t gamble.  So, I was almost feeling guilty about that, thinking these awesome folks put together this GREAT prize package for me and here I am, totally not interested in gambling.  Thing is, at Luckyrice all of the wonderful people we met who were involved in the tradition kept telling us things like, “It’s all about getting lucky” and “You will be lucky tonight”.
It was pretty awesome!  Asahi had a special cabana for us to go hang out in private during the event.  They filled gift bags galore and sent us home with so many great gifts.  We got to taste the finest Asian cuisine, sample glorious cocktails and hang out with celebrities like Todd English, a chef I totally admire. Here is a shot of us in front of the Asahi cabana:
 photo 946016_430098447094737_709450438_n_zps333e395c.jpg

I started feeling like we might have some luck that night when I checked my Twitter.  Apparently, the singer from our favorite band was having a birthday party for his son at a club nearby and invited the public out to join them.  I kept those lucky notions everyone had been instilling in us all evening and after the event, sure enough, we met the singer of the band we’d idolized since we were kids.  Reply if you know who it is standing between me and my husband, who was in complete shock when this happened:
 photo 1377267_430101810427734_798306398_n_zps278df37b.jpg

Anyway, to sum it all up, this was probably the most memorable trip ever, for the two of us.  It came at a time when I seriously needed to get away and have some “live it up” time and we sure were able to, thanks to the wonderful people at Asahi!  And, they were totally right about the luck that night!
Here is one of me hanging out in the city I just adore:
 photo 1374206_430072237097358_1297231306_n_zpsbc04ebdf.jpg

And finally, the woman we owe so much gratitude to. This is the lady who set everything up. The Asahi people actually are more to us now than just a brand, they are friends and always will hold a special place in our hearts:
 photo 1378046_430353140402601_1399599933_n_zps28e38c20.jpg

So, in a nutshell, and with a few photos to share, that is what it’s like to win a BIG sweepstakes.  Sometimes it can be even MORE exciting than you think it is going to be!  I’ll be sure to post more stories about some of my other favorite wins, too, so stay tuned!


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