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April 29, 2016

Utne Reader Nab The Bag Spring 2016 Giveaway

Ogden Publications wants you to enter once for a chance to NAB THE BAG! They're giving away a reader swag bag containing bunches of books, CDs and DVDs worth almost $700!
  • Raw Deal by Steven Hill (St. Martin’s Press) $27.99
  • A Naturalist Goes Fishing by James McClintock (St. Martin’s Press) $25.99
  • Rhythm of the Wild by Kim Heacox (Lyons Press) $25.95
  • My Father’s Guitar by Joseph Skibell (Algonquin Books) $16.95
  • Plain Radical by Robert Jensen (Soft Skull Press) $15.95
  • America’s Favorite Holidays by Bruce David Forbes (University of California Press) $24.95
  • The Buddha Pill by Dr. Miguel Farias & Catherine Wikholm (Watkins Publishing) $14.95
  • Crossing the Plains with Bruno by Annick Smith (Trinity University Press) $17.95
  • Resurrection Science by M.R. O’Connor (St. Martin’s Press) $25.99
  • Slow Manifesto by Lebbeus Woods and Clare Jacobson (Princeton Architectural Press) $29.95
  • The Record Store of the Mind by Josh Rosenthal (Tompkins Square) $13.95
  • Global Chorus by Todd E. MacLean (Rocky Mountain Books) $22.00
  • Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 3 by Mark Twain, Benjamin Griffin and Harriet Elinor Smith (University of California Press) $45.00
  • Awake by Paola di Florio and Lisa Leeman (Self-Realization Fellowship) $45.00
  • Rarely Seen by National Geographic (National Geographic) $40.00
  • Didn’t He Ramble by Glen Hansard (Anti/Epitaph) $9.99
  • The Blues and the Abstract Uke by Paul Hemmings (Leading Tone Records) $14.99
  • Problemas by Grupo Fantasma (Blue Corn Music) $13.99
  • South Broadway Athletic Club by Bottle Rockets (Bloodshot Records) $12.99
  • Amonafi by Daby Toure (Cumbancha) $12.99
  • Goddess Polka Dottess by TriBeCaStan (Evergreene) $14.98
  • Street Dogs by Widespread Panic (Vanguard Records) $11.99
  • Materials and their Destiny by Curt Sydnor (Ears & Eyes Records) $12.00
  • Pagans in Vegas by Metric (Metric Music International) $7.99
  • Keep It Together by Lily & Madeleine (New West Records) $12.98
  • Olvidados (DVD, Cinema Libre) $24.95
  • 1971 (DVD, First Run Features) $24.95
  • I Am FEMEN (DVD, First Run Features) $24.95
  • One Cut, One Life (DVD, First Run Features) $27.95
  • Dusty’s Trail: Summit of Borneo (DVD, Cinema Libre) $19.95
  • The Storm Makers (DVD, First Run Features) $24.95
  • I Dream of Wires (DVD, First Run Features) $24.95
  • Total Retail Value of all Prizes (including shipping): $690.11
This Sweepstakes ends on 06/23/16 and you can ENTER ONCE to win.