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About Me

My name is Dolores, but you can call me Lori.  Years ago, I was off from work with a back injury.  The only place I seemed to get any relief from my aching back was at my computer desk.  With a whole lot of time on my hands, I started entering sweepstakes.  I won a couple little things here and there and after about a month or so I was finally able to go back to work and abandoned the whole sweepstaking thing.  Eventually, we moved and after a year or so, I found my name on a google search as a contest winner for a pretty big cash prize from back when I was sweeping. 

I read through the rules and found the sweepstakes administrator and of course, I called them right away.  They said I was still eligible for the prize, but I just needed to verify that I still lived at the address I enrolled with, which I didn't.  Needless to say, I was disappointed, but it gave me inspiration.  Had I actually won that prize, I could have quit my job and taken up sweepstaking full time.

I kept that in the back of my mind for years, wishing I had the opportunity to try again to make sweepstaking more than just a hobby, but a full time career.  Knowing that I couldn't possibly quit my job and take it up full time, I just kept thinking that maybe one day the opportunity would present itself. 

In the summer of 2011, my Mom called to tell me that she'd decided she wanted me to put her and my Dad into a nursing home.  She'd had a stroke a couple years ago and both of them had had quite a few close calls with falling in the house.  She could no longer manage cooking or laundry or cleaning and she'd just had enough and wanted me to start making phone calls to find a suitable home for them. 

Mind you, when they were in their 40's, they adopted me.  I kept thinking, there is no way I can turn my back on them by putting them into a home.  I discussed this with my husband and he didn't hesitate when I asked if we could help them.  I quit my job and we moved in with them so that they didn't have to leave the home they both love so much. 

I have my hands full with laundry, cooking and cleaning now, but for the most part it comes natural for me to be a homemaker.  I set to work right away, organizing and giving the house a good cleaning.  Come September, I was beginning to get a little bored.  All of the big work was finished and my mornings had become quite mundane.  Mom & Dad sleep late, yet I'm an early bird.  Used to getting up at 4am for so many years, habit overcomes me and I'm up before dawn every day.  One day, it hit me like a brick wall -- HERE IS MY CHANCE! 

I started sweepstaking again in September and never looked back.  My biggest winning notification came in October, so it was pretty easy to stay motivated.  I've been using my mornings to search for and enter sweepstakes ever since and don't intend to ever stop.  I'm addicted and I decided to make this blog to help other people find sweepstakes to enter. 

I realized right away there was no "one stop shop" for sweepstakes to enter.  There are many, many sites out there that list them, but you almost have to search through every site and even then, you can miss so many great opportunities.  Until now.  I pretty much list everything I find as soon as I find it.  I figure it wont lessen my odds because anyone with a computer can do the same searches I do to find them, plus a lot of facebook sweepstakes give you an extra entry if you refer someone.

So, I hope you enjoy the site and find the listings useful and I appreciate it if you enter via my links, so I can get a couple extra entries here and there. 

Please feel free to submit any sweepstakes you find that I haven't listed yet and check my twitter feed for daily entries that I share every day.  Happy Sweepstaking and as always, GOOD LUCK!